This *FAST-UP* system will lift the rear of the bike in about 1 second, instead of the 12-15 seconds that most tankless systems takes to lift. Our NEW basic (tankless) rear system with larger compressor in 2020 lifts in under 10 seconds.
DIRTY AIR Complete *FAST-UP* rear kit. Redesigned for optimum performance, reliability and ease of install. This new system includes a larger tank with built-in manifold, along with larger compressor and also includes a safety valve. System also includes a stainless steel braided airline to connect the compressor to the tank, making an ultra-durable, extremely easy connection. Valving built into the tank cuts down on installation time and leak points. Plus, the larger tank gives you more lifts and allows for easy expansion to front air in the future.
For all Harley touring models 2021-down. This is a complete system assembled to easily replace your stock touring shocks with height-adjustable air shocks that can lift instantly. This system will allow you to lower your bike 2 to 3 inches with all of the air released, and air it up to stock ride height for a smooth ride in about 1 second.