Everything you need for front and rear fast air. Stainless steel tank with 4-valve manifold attached, default design built with brackets to mount underneath the left saddle bag, hidden by stretched bags. Other option allows tank with 4-valve manifold to mount to the right side fender support. Includes DIRTY AIR rear shocks, with polyurethane bushings and push lock fittings installed for 5/32″ tubing. Option to upgrade to aluminum shocks, designed and built from the ground up to be the most reliable, most comfortable ride and best performing air shock available. Standard compressor mounted to fender support, optional large compressor can hang under right saddlebag or behind rear fender, available for tank under left bag option only. System runs 5/32″ tubing to the front and rear suspension. Please note that if you’re running stock triple trees, or trees that re-use the factory fork cap bolt, you will need to add new fork caps to allow you to plumb air to your forks unless you want to drill and tap the factory fork caps – If you have aftermarket trees, you should have a drilled/tapped hole for an air fitting in your leg extensions, let us know what trees and wheel size you have or what size the threaded hole is (varies by manufacturer) so we can get you exactly what you need. Stock sized front wheels do not require bump stops, oversized front wheels usually require front fork bump stops depending on the neck/tree setup, wheel size, fender spacing, fairing, etc. We recommend calling first to discuss details and options if you’re not sure about the details, as components and mounting options can vary from bike to bike, year to year, and with factory and aftermarket options. We try to custom tailor each of these systems to your bike to get you the best performing parts that will fit on your bike, and everything you need in one shot. Late model bikes with BOOM! Audio that includes large wire connectors that plug into the backs of the saddlebags will not allow proper installation of some of these air suspension components unless you re-route the audio wires and connectors.