AFK Center stand will work with cross under exhaust. It will also work with all air ride units. Not indended for audio bikes.

AFK Electric Center Stand fits 2017-Present Touring Models.  AFK Center Stand was designed for cross over exhaust.  Also see first electric center stand with legs motion forwards.  Sold in Gloss Black finish.

Note:When air ride is fully extended drive belt can possibly contact stand and should never be ridden fully extended. Reccomend adjusting belt at ride height.

Drive belt should be tightened to manufacture specs at desired “ride height ” failure to do so can also result in belt contacting top of center stand.

AFK Touring Electric Stands comes with two set of leg kits. 90% of our customers utilize Kit #2. All non-rake bikes are Kit#2.

Kit#1- L1 set & L2 set                                         Kit #2- L2 set & L3 set

L3 Height is approximately 3-1/2″/ L3 Leg range with standard pack is approximately 3-1/2″-5″ (measurement  from bolt hole)

L2 Height is approximatley 2-1/2″/ L2 Leg range with standard pack is approximately 2-1/2″-4″

L1 Height is approximatley 1-1/2″/ L1 Leg range with standard pack is approximately 1-1/2″-3″ 

(AFK Touring Electric Center Stand (Standard Pack) comes with three sets of stackable/inserts (shims) and one set of end caps.)

Additional stackable/inserts (shims) may be added.